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Mosquitoes Repelled, Naturally

Keeping clear of mosquitoes can turn into a full-time effort. Carrying such a risk to your own families health, including the family pets, these pesky little vampires can leave a lot more behind than just an annoying itch. With the limits of time and expertise in the bug battling area, homeowners are often left scooping up citronella at the supermarket and dousing themselves in the latest spray. It's not ideal, and in most cases not effective.

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Help Keep Mosquitoes Away and Enjoy a Beautiful Day

We’ve developed a easy checklist for you and your family to help keep your yard clear of any areas that might cause you issues so you can stay safe, enjoy a beautiful day and keep the mosquitoes away...

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Buzz Boss Interviewed by Global News

Global Television interviewed one of our mosquito experts, Tadek Sampson, to explain the conditions mosquitoes thrive in, and how rapidly the insects can grow...

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Mosquito-borne Diseases

Mosquitoes. They are, in fact deadly animals. These little flies carry devastating diseases. Malaria kills more than 600,000 people every year, not to mention they threaten half of the world's population with other deadly ...

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Support the Red Cross

Our vision for the company Buzz Boss is to be able to empower people to enjoy their yards during mosquito season. We know parents can now rest easy knowing that their kids and pets playing outside would be free of being ...

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