Pests Suck All Year.

Systematic approach to insect problems

The Buzz Boss™ System

All of our programs use the Buzz Boss™ System. It's a holistic approach to dealing with pests in a responsible and environmentally conscious way.

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Bed Bugs

Bed Bug Attack

Guaranteed elimination of bed bugs and a strategy to prevent future outbreaks.


Buzz Attack

One-time service for wasps, hornets, cluster flies and other exterior pests.

Perimeter Pest Control

BuzzShield Ground™

Keep ants, spiders, and other crawling insects away with three treatments per season.

Mosquito And Tick Control


Complete mosquito control all summer for your home, business or wedding.


About Buzz Boss™

Insect problem? Buzz Boss™ is Canada’s residential pest control expert. The Buzz Boss™ System identifies the problem, stops the flying and crawling pests from invading your property, and makes sure they don’t come back. Our Buzz Boss™ System treatments go far beyond hardware store products - we use professional grade equipment and licensed trained technicians to solve your pest problems.

Buzz Boss is brought to you by Green Drop. Green Drop and Buzz Boss™ are family businesses that believe in building beautiful long term relationships with our employees and subscribers.

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