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Rodents are prevalent in many places, but they don’t need to make themselves comfortable in your yard or home. Establishing proactive rodent pest control plans is essential to keeping these tiny pests from destroying your lawn, causing extensive property damage, or spreading disease.

Pests of the rodent variety can be hazardous because they breed quickly and have great instincts for avoiding traps and bait. So even though many rodent species don’t live all that long, once they’ve bred near your home, they become difficult to get rid of.

The monthly services from Buzz Boss will keep you and your family safe from rodent pest invaders because we keep them away before they can cause damage. Enjoy the outdoors again and relax, knowing rodents won’t sneak into your home.

worker preparing a rodent trap in a yard

What Does Buzz Boss Do for Rodent Pest Control?

Choosing a Buzz Boss package means the best pest control services for the outside of your home. We work hard to prevent pests from infiltrating your home with licensed technicians who visit your home and examine your yard and outdoor spaces thoroughly.

From the first visit, our technicians thoroughly examine your yard for places where mice, rats, voles, and other rodents could hide. The team creates a complete catalogue of these issues and any other potential pest problems and shares it with you, so you always know how we treat and the hot spots we find.

Our quality and eco-conscious products protect you from pests while keeping your family and pets safe. After your examination, we personalize treatment to your yard and are ready to answer any questions.

BuzzShield Rodent

Our quarterly BuzzShield Rodent service is a great way to protect your home from pesky mice or voles and prevent them from even making it onto your property.

Our technicians build your treatment plan as they comb your property to create a comprehensive list of issues in your yard.

The BuzzShield Rodent treatment can be done independently, but you can also add other services in a customized monthly package for complete defence.

Plus, if you don’t have much spare time, we’ve made it simple to use our site and join the Buzz Boss customer list. The steps are also pretty easy to follow.

  1. Choose the package that works best for you.
  2. Use our website for easy checkout and get set up immediately for your appointment.
  3. Licensed technicians come out to examine and treat your yard.
  4. Your card is charged monthly for an automatic appointment that protects your home.

We’ve created a process that saves you time and makes things easier. You don’t need to be home since our process is done entirely outside. Make sure we can access your yard, and we’ll treat it, and you will receive your details via email.

BuzzShield Complete

Without comprehensive treatment, your yard receives a barrier that keeps wasps, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and rodents away from the outdoor spaces you enjoy.

This package includes our top services: BuzzShield Insect, Rodent, and Waspshield. You get a great deal on complete lawn defence by bundling our services. You’ll take back your yard from health hazards and pesky rodents.

We’ll treat your yard with a customized plan that works for your specific pest problems. Your yard stays rodent and pest free.

Our monthly services include a service call, the treatment application, and a work order with notes that detail everything we did to help you protect your yard.

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Control Rodents without the Hassle

Rodents like mice and rats can be huge nuisances and spread disease if they enter your home or food. Meanwhile, voles can destroy the hard work you put into making your lawn beautiful. Because these issues can cause massive problems, you want to ensure that your property is shielded from extreme infestation.

The most common rodents in Canada are the house mouse, Norway rat, and voles. These rodents make nests in a variety of places. Some live underground, while others nest closer to the surface or in the walls of your home. This is because, in cities with higher human populations, rodents will choose to live close to places where they can access food easily.

Since mice and rats transmit diseases like Hantavirus, which is rare but can kill humans and does not have a cure, and other diseases like murine typhus or bubonic plague in the case of rats, you don't want to share your living space with them.

Additionally, the damage they can cause by chewing through electric wires or destroying your grass can damage your space significantly and take a lot of time to repair. Our monthly treatments keep these creatures out with a barrier protecting your family and property.

Instead of scratching your head and wondering what the issue is, let our experts diagnose and treat your yard to keep problems from growing. Buzz Boss is with you every step of your proactive pest control journey.

Why Should Rodent Pest Control be Proactive?

If you need to defend your home and keep rodents away or from coming back, you want to focus on preventative pest control measures. Most companies concentrate on extermination after rodents and pests have invaded your space. We fight them off by shielding your home before these creatures can arrive.

Our licensed technicians know precisely what to look for and will empower you with resources and information to keep up with your home's protection between treatments. We also return each month to maintain your barriers.

In Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, rodents are reasonably common, so you can't skip out on keeping your family safe from these disease carriers. You don't want to treat for these pests on your own.

The system at Buzz Boss is environmentally friendly. We focus our attention on keeping these pests away without causing damage.

Immediately after you sign up, you'll have access to our technicians' knowledge and can ask whatever questions you need to understand what we do for you.

vole damage in a yard

Protect Your Yard from Rodents with Buzz Boss

Protect yourself with proactive pest control and by staying informed about solutions to the types of pests you face.

Keep Rodents from Nesting

Close off access points that rats could use to enter your home and begin nesting. You might seal outside holes, make it harder to find places to dig or create a landscape that encourages pests to stay away. Eliminate Food Sources

If you keep food outside or have easy access to water, more rodents are likely to try and make a home in your yard or home. Use raised garden beds if you plant vegetables and fruits in the summer, ensure ripe food gets inside quickly, and keep trash tightly covered and away from areas that could provide access to your home.

Keep Your Yard Clean

It's essential to avoid letting your grass, bushes, and other plants from getting overgrown. If these plants can't move, it might encourage these pests to reside in your yard. This extends to picking up trash and keeping compost piles away from areas that rats, mice, or voles can reach.

Avoid Expensive Rodent Extermination

Treating for rodents before they become an issue is the best thing you can do for your home and lawn. Rodents can cause severe health issues, as well as severe damage to the home you care for.

Our technicians help you avoid problems because they have extensive training and knowledge about treating pests preventatively.

There are plenty of methods that you can try at home for rodent prevention, but the time you save and the safety that comes from working with a pest control company cannot be understated. Plus, you avoid a potentially nasty cleanup.

We partner with great companies and use top-quality products to ensure our technicians always have access to the best chemicals that will keep your family safe.

Choose BuzzShield for Rodent Pest Control

Choosing to protect your home from pests is an important one. Buzz Boss is here to make the solution more effortless than ever. Our business has taught us a ton, and we keep learning to protect your family and yard with a proactive approach to pest control.

Take a deep breath and get back to relaxing your outdoor spaces with our comprehensive treatments that boot pests before they try to settle in your yard.

We know that there's a package for you. Check them out to find the one that fits you best. Then enjoy your yard defended by Buzz Boss.

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