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Pests can quickly turn your sweet haven into a stress zone. Whether it's buzzing mosquitoes ruining a much-anticipated summer BBQ or the worry of spiders or rodents, unwanted visitors can disrupt your peace of mind.

At Buzz Boss, we have a unique approach to pest control. Instead of waiting for things to become a big problem, we implement preventive strategies to ensure your yard remains pest-free.

How do we do that?

  • Proactive pest control that stops pests from entering your yard.
  • Eco-friendly pest treatments that are safe for family, pets, and the environment.
  • Highly skilled exterminators with extensive expertise in understanding pests, their behaviours, and seasonal patterns, ensuring thorough and effective prevention strategies.

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Common Pests In Western Canada That Could be Taking Over Your Yard


These stubborn intruders not only disrupt your enjoyment of outdoor spaces but can also transmit diseases.

Wasps & Hornets

Their aggressive behaviour can make outdoor activities unpleasant and pose a safety risk, especially for those with allergies.


While not all spiders are harmful, their presence can be unsettling, and their webs can be a nuisance.


These persistent pests can quickly establish colonies and contaminate food sources.


The tiny hitchhikers can carry serious illnesses, making them a significant health concern.

Rats, Mice & Voles

Beyond causing property damage, rodents can spread diseases and leave behind unpleasant odours.

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How Buzz Boss’s Exclusion Services Work

At Buzz Boss, we believe the best defence is a good offence. That's why our exclusion services focus on keeping pests out of your home in the first place. Here's what you can expect:

1. Thorough Inspection

Our experienced technicians meticulously inspect your property, identifying potential entry points for common pests. This includes gaps around windows and doors, cracks in walls and foundations, openings around utility lines and vents, and any other potential access points.

2. Identify Pest Species

Not all pests are created equal, and neither are their entry methods. We'll identify the specific pests you're facing and customize an exclusion plan to address their unique vulnerabilities.

3. Customised Exclusion Plan

We use a variety of humane and effective exclusion techniques to seal up those entry points for effective pest control. This may involve caulking, weather stripping, mesh screens, trimming vegetation, and other long-lasting solutions.

4. Ongoing Monitoring

Regular follow-up inspections are crucial for maintaining a pest-free environment. We'll monitor your property and address any new vulnerabilities to keep those unwanted guests out for good.

5. We Keep You Informed

Preventive pest control is about always checking in. Our team will brief you on how you can be vigilant about potential entry points. This partnership helps ensure your pest control plan’s long-term success.

Remember, prevention is key! By combining our exclusion services with good sanitation practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of future infestations and enjoy a pest-free haven.

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Benefits of Exclusion

Here are the key benefits of choosing exclusion to keep pests at bay:

Long-Term Prevention

    Exclusion tackles the problem at its source by preventing pests from entering in the first place. This disrupts their breeding and nesting sites. That means we break the cycle of infestation by addressing the root cause. This proactive approach saves you from the hassle and expense of future infestations.

    Reduced Reliance on Pesticides

      By implementing exclusion methods, you not only minimize the need for harsh chemical pesticides but also promote a more holistic and proactive approach to pest management. This is safer for your family and pets and better for the environment.

      Cost-Effective Solution

        While you will need to pitch an initial investment, exclusion services actually save you money in the long run. You avoid the ongoing costs of repeated pest control treatments, repairs, and replacements.

        Peace of Mind

          Knowing your home is protected from unwanted pests allows you to relax and enjoy your space without worry. In addition, exclusion methods also contribute to a healthier indoor environment by reducing the risk of allergens and pathogens carried by pests.

          With Buzz Boss Exclusion Services, you can create a lasting barrier against pests and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

          How Much Do Exclusion Services Cost?

          Exclusion service costs vary depending on your property and needs. On average, this could cost you anywhere between $200–$500. For a free quote tailored to your pest needs, contact Buzz Boss today!

          Enjoy A Pest-Free Space With Professional Pest Exclusion

          At Buzz Boss, we believe pest exclusion is the future of pest control. It’s a proactive and green solution to permanently keeping pests off your property. With our licensed and skilled team by your side, we make sure your yard is free of all kinds of pests, be it rodents, ants, spiders, ticks moquitoes, or wasps.

          Don’t let pests run you out of your own yard! Hire the pest control exclusion experts who have your back. Call us at 1-844-744-2899 or book us here.

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          Frequently Asked Questions

          Can I perform exclusion services myself?

          Exclusion can be effective as a DIY project for small problems. However, professional services offer several advantages. Trained pest control technicians can identify less obvious entry points, use specialized tools and materials for long-lasting results, and ensure a comprehensive approach to pest prevention.

          Are exclusion methods safe for my family and pets?

          Absolutely! We use safe and humane exclusion techniques that minimize the need for harsh chemicals.

          How long will it take to see results from exclusion services?

          You can see results instantly as we prevent pests from entering your home. However, the ongoing monitoring process is crucial for long-term success.

          Can exclusion services help with allergies?

          By keeping common allergens like dust mites, ticks, and rodents out of your home, exclusion services can significantly improve indoor air quality and potentially alleviate allergy symptoms.

          How does exclusion service differ from traditional pest control methods?

          Traditional pest control methods involve reactive measures like chemical sprays or inhumane traps to eliminate existing infestations.

          On the other hand, exclusion takes a proactive approach by sealing up potential entry points to prevent pests from entering your yard/home in the first place. This is a more long-term and sustainable solution, as it reduces the need for repeated chemical applications.

          How are pests a threat to my property?

          Even the smallest pests can cause significant property damage if left unchecked. Here's how they can wreak havoc on your home:

          • Wasps & hornet nests are often built in hidden areas like eaves and attics, and their activity can damage soffits, siding, and insulation.
          • Some spider species burrow into walls and foundations, potentially causing structural damage. Their webs can also clog vents and soffits.
          • Ants are persistent chewers and can tunnel through walls, floors, and insulation in search of food and water. They can also damage electrical wiring, leading to potential fire hazards.
          • Rats and voles can cause extensive damage by gnawing on furniture, electrical wiring, and building materials. Their burrowing habits can also compromise the structural integrity of your home.
          • Persistent pest infestations can significantly reduce the value of your property, making it less attractive to potential buyers and affecting resale value.

          How can I identify signs of pest infestation in my yard?

          Here's how to identify signs of a potential pest problem in your yard before they take up residence in your home:

          • Burrowing, chewed vegetation, or unusual animal droppings could be indicators of rodents.
          • Gnawing on fences, sheds, or outdoor furniture
          • Trails or tracks in soil, mulch, or on paved surfaces could be signs of rodents.
          • Wasp and hornet nests on eaves or under decks
          • Nests, webs, or cocoons in trees, shrubs, or around structures indicate the presence of pests such as spiders or other insects
          • Ant hills popping up on your lawn
          • Strange, rustling noises in the evenings may indicate a rodent problem.

          If you notice any of these signs, don't wait. Call us right away.

          Will exclusion services prevent future infestations?

          You bet! Exclusion services are highly effective in preventing future infestations when implemented correctly.

          At Buzz Boss, we tackle potential entry points and create physical barriers to keep pests out of your home. Our service also includes regular inspection and maintenance to seal new vulnerabilities before pests invade your property.

          Is there any follow-up maintenance required after exclusion services are completed?

          If you’re looking for complete eradication, follow-up pest control and maintenance is the only way to achieve that. When you sign up for our BuzzShield® Complete package, you create a barrier around your yard and home for complete and continuous protection from all pesky pests, including ants, mice, voles, rats, spiders, ticks, wasps, hornets and mosquitoes.

          What factors can affect the cost of exclusion services?

          The cost of exclusion services can vary depending on the following factors:

          • Size and type of property
          • The type of pests you're trying to keep out of your property
          • The extent of the infestation
          • Accessibility of entry points

          At Buzz Boss, we offer a free estimate for our services. We address your needs and provide a transparent quote before starting our work.

          Ready to reclaim your home and peace of mind? Contact Buzz Boss today for a free quote on our exclusion services.

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