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During the spring and summer, ants venture out of their nests for food. This means they can quickly become a nuisance, entering your home or showing up uninvited to a picnic in your yard.

The Buzz Boss system creates a barrier between your property and these unwanted guests. You get your yard back, allowing you to enjoy beautiful outdoor spaces without unsightly lumps, divots, or ants.

What Does Buzz Boss Do for Ant Pest Control?

BuzzShield treatment is the best pest control solution for your lawn. Our fully licensed and experienced technicians visit your home and review every space for spots where pests might hide.

Once they have a catalogue of pests, they implement a treatment plan with high-quality, eco-friendly products that are safe for your family and animal companions. Each application is explicitly done with your yard in mind, so if you need an all-natural treatment, we’ve got that covered.

BuzzShield Insect

With BuzzShield Insect, you get complete protection from insects and other pests like ticks and spiders. This is a great option to exterminate and repel ants from your property.

Our technicians thoroughly examine your property and note areas that seem like hot spots for ants and other pests.

Additionally, we have add-ons available like our WaspAttack or Event Treatment if you need an emergency service in addition to one of our pest control services.

It’s easy to use our services online. All you need to do is:

  1. Choose the service that works best for you and pay.
  2. Schedule your appointment, and our licensed experts will come to your home for an easy application.
  3. Let our team come back for monthly reapplication.

Never worry about waiting around for a technician or missing information again. As long as our team can access your yard, we can complete the service and will always provide you with a transparent work order detailing everything we found and treated on your property.

BuzzShield Complete

Our BuzzShield Complete package is the best option to control ants and many other pests searching for access to your property.

This service includes our BuzzShield Insect, Rodent, and WaspShield to provide complete protection. Now you can enjoy your yard how you want, with preventative pest control personalized to your yard.

We offer this because our technicians are fully licensed and have in-depth knowledge of what’s needed to keep your yard beautiful and pest-free.

Order this monthly service now and be set for life! Our technicians will return to your property monthly once you’ve established your monthly subscription.

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Control Ants without the Hassle

There are over 100 species of ants in Canada, while more than 50 live in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia. Ants live in massive colonies and are relatively easy to identify, ranging in colour between black, brown, red, and tan. They can also vary in size.

But almost all these insects are active during the spring and summer when they leave their nests to find food. That means that they often end up around your picnics or attempt to sneak into your home.

Once ants have established their colonies, they can be difficult to remove. So it’s essential to be aware when you see ant hills in your yard or if ants begin to show up around your house. Ants are known to chew through wooden structures and electric cables, which can cause a lot of damage to your home.

But the damage doesn’t stop when ant colonies destroy your lawn or garden with their nesting habits and feeding. The best way to deal with ants is to stop them before they become a huge problem and cause damage to your living spaces.

That’s where Buzz Boss can help. Our company is dedicated to preventative pest control to keep the ants away. Experienced technicians will examine your yard for any weak spots and create a barrier to keep these pesky creatures out.

Since all our technicians are highly trained and licensed, they can craft a personalized treatment for your yard, taking the work out of pest control. This also allows us to vet our products and choose the most eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals to protect your family while effectively repelling pests.

Why Should Ant Pest Control be Proactive?

At Buzz Boss, we believe education is essential to proactive pest care. Our system was put together with real experts who understand how to keep pests away from your yard, but we also want to help you understand your spaces so you can keep your yard beautiful.

Ants can carry disease and damage your yard and home, so keeping them away before they can harm you is the best way to keep your family safe and your home free from damage. We combine our treatment plans with education to ensure your home is always protected.

Our team is local and highly experienced, so they understand where ants are likely to hide and how they create their nests. With our complete yard examination, we learn your space and can fully gauge how to personalize your treatment.

From there, we can help inform you of the steps we’ll take and offer information about other ways you can keep your space safe.

Buzz boss technician sprays against ants

Protect Your Yard from Ants with Buzz Boss

When you shield your home and yard from ants, you can maintain a beautiful space you can enjoy whenever you like.

Keep Soil Moist

Ants tend to gravitate toward dry yards because digging into more powdery dirt is easier. If you regularly water your lawn just to keep it moist during the hottest times of the year, it’s much more difficult for them to colonize.

Regular Lawn Maintenance

Mowing your lawn, mulching, and including more organic matter in the soil is a great way to discourage ants from residing in your yard. The insects tend to search for dry or thatched areas to start their nests, so a full yard will keep them away.

Avoid Leaving Food or Scraps Around

Ants are attracted to food from picnics, crumbs, or even garbage as food sources. These opportunists will generally eat what they can find, so keeping your outdoor (and indoor) spaces tidy and free from food or food waste is a critical way to avoid attracting ants to your yard.

Avoid Multiple Ant Extermination Treatments

While there are quite a few species of ants in our service areas, they follow typical patterns that are easy to track. When our technicians inspect your yard, they will examine every inch to ensure you get a personalized treatment plan geared toward your yard.

There are quite a few ways to treat ants, from bait traps to insecticides and other options that are a little more DIY. Take the stress out of pest control with a guarantee from our team.

Buzz Boss works with the best companies and products, so we have eco-friendly, safe products you can trust and options for a completely natural treatment.

Choose a BuzzShield Service for Ant Pest Control

If you’ve been searching for solutions to preventative pest control, Buzz Boss is here to help.We’ve been creating barriers to block pests from getting into your yard and home.

Our team of experts is fully licensed and trained, so they understand the best practices for treating and maintaining your property. Get back to enjoying your outdoor spaces with one of our top services.

Count on us for full transparency and easy service. Simply sign up and schedule your appointment today.

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