BuzzShield® Complete

This ongoing service maintains an invisible barrier around your property. Includes BuzzShield® Insect, BuzzShield® Rodent and WaspShield® protection to maintain your home defenses. No restrictive contracts or commitments. Billing is automatic every month and results are guaranteed.

$67.99/month Same-day Guarantee Monthly Subscription

BuzzShield Rodent

BuzzShield® Rodent

Four season ground level defence. Creates a barrier around your home and yard that keeps destructive rodents including mice, rats and voles away from your family and property.

$87.25/Quarterly Same-day Guarantee Quarterly Subscription

BuzzShield Insect

BuzzShield® Insect

Our original package. Join tens of thousands of Canadian homes already uninviting mosquitoes, ticks, ants, and spiders from the party. Enjoy your backyard this summer. Guaranteed.

$349.00 Sign Up Now Same-day Guarantee 2023 Spring Pricing

Safe for Pets and Families
Bee-Friendly Application
100% Guaranteed!
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BuzzAttack™: One-Time Emergency Service Calls

Our licensed residential pest control experts will be there fast! We'll solve the problem and make sure those pests don't come back.

Wasp Nest

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BuzzAttack™ Wasp

If wasps and hornets are ruining your fun, Buzz Boss will remove the nest so you don't have to!



Uninvite Mosquitoes From the Party

Don't let mosquitoes hinder your event. Book ahead and keep bloodsuckers away from your outdoor party on your special day.



Bite Back Against Mosquitoes

With every BuzzShield® Complete program sold Buzz Boss makes a $2 donation to fight mosquito-borne illness in developing nations. Read the latest on our partnership in our Red Cross Update .

Buzz Boss


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If you want to be able to fully enjoy you backyard during our short Saskatchewan summers you need to have Buzz Boss come over and get rid of those pesky bugs. Being able to sit on your back deck or around the firepit and night and night and not being swarmed by mosquitos is by far the best part of their service. But they can also get rid of ants, spiders and even rodents. Tervin and his team are very professional and quick to respond to questions and problems.
- Matthew Pfeifer
So happy we got this service this year. It was so enjoyable to be sitting outside without the bugs, spider webs and other critters pestering. Looking forward to a pest free season again next year.
- Tracy Luscombe
Great service and after only 2 treatments our spiders are gone. So great to enjoy the cottage without the messy spider webs to clean daily. Thank you Buzz Boss for making my life at the lake a pleasure.
- Ann Noble
Bug free summers
- Lori Taylor
Great product and staff. Since first spray in July I can work outside in my yard without getting eaten alive with mosquitoes. So excited and pleasurable to spend time outside !! I highly recommend Buzz Boss 👍 😄
- Elaine Muir
This past weekend I had the opportunity to go to a backyard BBQ where Buzz Boss services were used. All summer as soon as the sun starts to set, I know its time to head in doors because the mosquitoes start swarming. However, this was absolutely not the case with the Mosquito spray applied to the yard by Buzz Boss. It was the talk of the party, and such a pleasure to be able to enjoy an outdoor space without the pesky mosquitoes buzzing about.
- Angela Didowycz
Worked well for me and my neighbours. I have recommended this product to two of my neighbours and they are also very happy. Also ticks were treated.
- Norman Abs
Buzz Boss is a top quality company with personable employees and a product that works. We were fighting with spiders and their webs for years, at one point our house looked like a haunted house, thanks to the Buzz Boss crew for doing an awesome job.
- Renette Edgar
We’ve been Buzz Boss subscribers since Day 1. Always prompt and courteous service. Tervin personally always goes above and beyond for not only myself but my parents as well. He’s a great guy and Buzz Boss is lucky to have him. We live on the edge of the city and always have tons of mice. Having buzz boss set up traps really keeps the rodents at bay. Highly recommend.
- K James

About Buzz Boss:

We’re a different kind of pest control company. Traditional pest control companies focus on the commercial market, are old fashioned, expensive, and wasteful. We're experts at defending your home from flying, crawling and creeping pests. The Buzz Boss System uses state of the art technology and licensed trained technicians to proactively protect you & your family. We’re proud to be a 100% Canadian company and support great causes in the communities we serve.

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