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While wasps and hornets can be helpful pollinators who remove harmful pests from your area, they can also be aggressive if they perceive something as a threat and for food. It’s essential to have a wasp pest control plan to prevent stings and nests on your property.

You’re most likely to see these pests in the spring and summer, as they thrive in dry and hot climates. They are mainly active at the end of the summer when the populations of their colonies are highest.

So if you’ve got wasp issues near your home, choose Buzz Boss to protect your lawn. Our experts treat the outside of your home to keep your family safe and the wasps out. You can officially relax with one of our comprehensive packages.

What Does Buzz Boss Do for Wasp Pest Control?

When you choose a package with us, you’ve chosen the best pest control service to defend the outside of your home. Our team of licensed technicians has years of industry experience and knows precisely how to examine your yard. Their discerning eye will cover every inch of your property to inventory potential problem areas.

When we first visit, our team will catalogue any pests and issues they find to treat specifically for your yard and to have notes that stay with your account the entire time you use our treatment plans. With Buzz Boss, you’ll find quality treatments and environmentally friendly chemicals that ensure you’re satisfied with your service while keeping your family and pets safe.

Once we’ve examined your yard thoroughly, we personalize your treatment plan and chemicals to the specifics of your yard and requests. Each of our technicians knows everything they can about the products we use, so they’re always ready to answer your questions.


Our WaspShield service aims to create a defensive barrier through prevention. We use a trap system to keep wasps off your lawn.

When our technicians visit, they’ll complete a comprehensive catalogue of your yard and list out hot spots as they put together a treatment plan.

If you have other pest concerns with insects or ticks, you can add our WaspShield service to the BuzzShield Insect treatment to create a custom monthly package that maintains your defences.

buzz boss worker preparing wasp trap

Don’t have a ton of time? We’ve made our site easy to navigate so you can become a Buzz Boss subscriber with less hassle. The steps are simple:

  1. Select the package that works for your yard.
  2. Use our easy checkout process to pay and schedule at the same time.
  3. Our licensed technicians visit your home for your exam and then treat the yard.
  4. After that- follow-up visits will automatically be scheduled to return and bolster your protective barrier.

Don’t stress if you’re short on time. Our treatment is done outside the home, so you don’t need to be there. Leave us with an access point, and we’ll treat your home. After that, we’ll share details via email.

BuzzShield Complete

Our top package is a comprehensive treatment that repels wasps, ants, mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests like rodents.

You’ll receive our BuzzShield Insect, Rodent, and WaspShield services together with this package, offering you a great deal on complete defence for your lawn. With these great defence options, take back your property from pesky nuisances and health hazards.

After our technicians thoroughly examine your home, your lawn receives a customized treatment. We keep your yard wasp and pest free so you can enjoy them again.

This monthly service includes a service call and detailed notes about how everything went and what to expect as you build your defences.

Emergency Wasp Pest Control

While you can treat to prevent pests, you can’t always entirely prevent them. That’s why we’ve developed a service that helps you eliminate wasps when you find a nest.

We’ll combine a few removal options, like a decoy nest, to ensure that the wasps are eliminated from your yard in one swoop. This is a one-time treatment to rid your lawn of pests as quickly as possible.


Nest Removal

Under Attack? Buzz Boss has your back!

Buzz Boss provides emergency service to take back your outdoor space from the flying fury of hornets and wasps. We’ll remove the nest and solve the problem. Guaranteed!

Wasp removal is often a tedious task that may result in bites or stings or even damage to your home and surrounding structures if not removed carefully.

If you’ve discovered a wasp nest on your property- the best thing to do is leave it to the professionals! Our fully licensed and trained team have dealing with these pesky pests down to a science; so you can get back to enjoying your outdoor space.

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Control Wasps without the Hassle

While wasps can be helpful in ecosystems, they can be aggressive and will go after humans and sting them. These issues can become hazardous, so protecting against wasps is crucial.

In Canada, there are many different wasp species. All these species live in colonies that range in size but can surpass more than 15,000 wasps. These nests can take the well-known aerial nests seen near homes or be found in the ground in the case of most types of yellow jackets.

Beyond their nests, you might wonder how to tell the differences between wasps and bees. There are a few ways to tell. Wasps often lack the hair found in common bee species, while bees are thicker and fluffy.

You would want to keep wasps away from your home for several reasons. A monthly treatment from Buzz Boss allows you to create a protective shield against these insects so they can’t become a health hazard for allergic family members or make their nests on your property.

Our technicians understand the best ways to treat wasps and keep them off your property so you can safely enjoy the outdoors. We help you take the guesswork out of pest control.

Why Should Wasp Pest Control be Proactive?

Proactive and preventative pest control is the best way to defend your home. With Buzz Boss, you work with a team of licensed professionals who understand why you want to protect your home and can help you do it more effectively.

Our team empowers you with resources and keeps your home protected with monthly treatments so you can enjoy your yard again.

In recent years, wasp numbers have risen around Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia, making it even more important to keep your family safe. Getting stung and dealing with nests is no fun, and it’s even worse if your family has allergies to be concerned with too. Our WaspShield service ensures you’re protected before any issues can crop up.

Our technicians' knowledge and experience are available immediately when you subscribe to Buzz Boss. We’ll note places you can be concerned about and complete a full exam to get you the steps you need to take to defend your home.

buzz boss worker holding a wasp nest

Protect Your Yard from Wasps with Buzz Boss

Proactive pest control lets you get back to enjoying your yard and makes sure it stays beautiful. But there are always things you can do to protect yourself further.

Don’t Leave Food Out

Wasps are attracted to sugary drinks and other foods, so getting rid of crumbs or food as soon as possible is essential. You can also keep food sealed so that wasps can’t smell it and stick around. The same goes for keeping trash lids on and keeping bins away from your home.

Make Your Home Unappealing

If you seal all the gaps around your home or outdoor furniture and buildings, you can prevent wasps some getting into these spaces and staying there for the winter to keep them out. You can also control other pests, like ants, that act as food sources for wasps to make it more unappealing to stay on your property.

Consider Plants that Deter Wasps

Suppose you’re interested in gardening and enjoy having plants as part of your landscaping. Some plants act as repellants for wasps. You can use thyme, basil, spearmint, and even lemongrass to keep them at bay. Citronella is excellent because it doubles as a repellant for mosquitoes.

Avoid Multiple Wasp Extermination Treatments

Preventative pest control for wasps is one of the best things you can do for your yard. These pests can quickly cause extensive damage or infestation, so ensuring they can’t infiltrate is essential.

Since our technicians know how to locate problem areas, you get additional protection against wasps between treatments.

While there are some methods for getting rid of wasps you can do on your own, the knowledge and safety offered by working with Buzz Boss is the best way to ensure that your home and family are protected without risking adverse health reactions.

Our products and partners are the best in the business. We ensure our technicians have access to the top chemicals and the knowledge to use them well to keep you safe.

Choose a BuzzShield Service for Wasp Pest Control

Residential pest control is an important decision. Buzz Boss is the solution for you. We’ve built our business for years and understand the ins and outs of creating safe spaces for you and your family to enjoy.

Take back your outdoor spaces with one of our comprehensive pest control and kick pests out with a protective barrier.

Check out our top packages and find the one that fits you best. Then sit back and relax in your beautiful, pest-free yard!

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Emergency Service

Wasp nests can ruin any beautiful outdoor area. If your yard is affected by a nest, our team will get there fast, solve the problem, and ensure they don’t come back.

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