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Overall, spiders are a valuable part of the ecosystem in our service area. Having them around means they can control other insect pests. So while there aren't many venomous spiders in the area, several species remain prevalent.

Usually, these pests become a nuisance when they make their way into homes or leave unsightly webs in inconvenient places like doorways.

If you live in areas with many spiders, you can count on Buzz Boss to protect your property with a barrier that keeps spiders away from your home. Never worry that you'll walk into a surprising web again.

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What Does Buzz Boss Do for Spider Pest Control?

By choosing one of our packages, you've chosen the best pest control service for the outside of your home. We've built a team of licensed technicians whose years of experience help them examine your yard with a discerning eye. They'll inspect every crevice and note problem areas and pests around your lawn.

Once our team comes to your property, they'll create an inventory of pests and the issues they find so we can begin a treatment plan focused on unmatched quality service and environmentally conscious chemicals. You'll even find that all our services are family and pet safe.

After examining your yard from every angle, we will personalize your treatment plan and the specific chemicals we use in your yard and sensitivities. Our professionals know everything about the products we employ, so we can always answer any questions you have.

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BuzzShield Insect

With BuzzShield Insect, we focus our treatment on common insect pests, but we also treat for spiders. This service targets these types of problems because we know that preventing them is the best way to defend your yard before they can infiltrate.

Our proactive treatment allows our technicians to thoroughly catalogue your property and note any hot spots where spiders or other pests may try to hide.

We know you may have other pest concerns, like wasp nest removal or prevention, which you can add to your service as part of your monthly package to maintain defences against pests.

Our website makes it easy to order and become a Buzz Boss subscriber. You simply:

  1. Choose the best package for your needs.
  2. Check out online and schedule your appointment.
  3. Our technicians come to your home and treat your yard.
  4. They then return each month to keep protection going year-round.

If you're short on time, have no fear. Since we treat the outside of your home, you don't need to be home as long as we can access your yard. You can always count on us to provide you with the details of your service and the steps we took for your treatment.

BuzzShield Complete

Our top package is a comprehensive treatment that repels spiders, insects like ants or mosquitoes, and rodent pests.

This package includes our BuzzShield Insect, Rodent, and WaspShield services that create a barrier against most pests. Enjoy your yard again by taking control of your home's defences.

Each application is personalized based on the in-depth examination of your lawn. Our technicians complete this review to assist in keeping your yard free from pests and beautiful, using their knowledge of insects and spiders to pinpoint any problem areas.

Each month, you'll receive a visit from our experts, who update your service notes and continue to build barriers to protect your family.

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One-Time Spider Control Service

Tired of constantly playing hide-and-seek with eight-legged invaders in your yard? It's time to take back your space!

Nobody wants to stumble upon a spider lair while enjoying a sunny day in the yard. We've got the expertise and the tools to kick those creepy crawlies to the curb, leaving you with a spider-free oasis with our one-time event service.

Our technicians scout out every nook and cranny of your yard to pinpoint where those eight-legged critters are hiding. Once we've located the resting area, we use a combination of treatments for effective spider control.

We send those spiders packing faster than you can say "arachnophobia."

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Control Spiders without the Hassle

Spiders don’t tend to come after humans like other pests we treat. But that doesn’t mean they won’t bite or become nuisances in your yard.

There are several species of spiders in our service areas. The most common types are funnel weavers, orb weavers, and garden spiders. The appearance of these spiders can be very different, but there are some general characteristics you can expect of these arachnids.

All spiders prefer dark, damp places for their habitats. Most of the time, they also avoid contact with other creatures. Holes in trees, shrubs, and soil spots are places where spiders can make their homes.

In Canada, the most dangerous spider to humans is the Black Widow. Though this species is unlikely to bite unless you bother them, their venom does cause reactions in the nervous system. It’s helpful to be aware of these arachnids, but you are unlikely to die even if the widow spider bites you.

Spiders aren’t much of a health hazard in Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Their unsightly webs and crawling can still be a nuisance around your property.

But you can easily keep spiders away from your home with a monthly treatment from Buzz Boss. Our regular barrier offers unmatched protection from spiders who could take up residence in your house. Each technician goes through detailed training to become licensed, so they understand how to control pests in a way that takes the guesswork out of treating for pests.

Why Should Spider Pest Control be Proactive?

By choosing Buzz Boss for your pest control services, you get access to a team of experts that’s ready to protect your home and yard with educational resources. We aim to empower you with information that will help you bolster your defences between treatments and help you keep your yard beautiful.

While spiders don’t pose a severe health risk to your family, they are often unsettling for many and can make a nuisance of themselves, with webs blocking doorways or in places you could walk through. Avoid these annoyances when you choose a BuzzShield service that offers proactive pest control.

When you work with our expert technicians, their knowledge and experience are at your fingertips. They can point out places where spiders might make a home and share the details of your exam to inform you of the steps we follow to defend your home.

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Protect Your Yard from Spiders with Buzz Boss

Keep your yard beautiful and free of these creepy crawlers so your family can relax in your outdoor spaces whenever you’d like.

Keep Other Insects and Pests Away

When your yard and home are already free from insect pests, spiders have less of a reason to attempt to infiltrate your property. Since they tend to feed on these bugs, they won’t bother you if they cannot keep up with their nutritional needs.

Ensure All Gaps are Sealed

When your windows are correctly sealed, no gaps exist that arachnids can exploit to get inside. That’s why it’s essential to keep your doors and windows shut and monitor foundational walls to know if you ever need to fill gaps with caulk or other support materials.

Make Spaces Unwelcoming

If you make it difficult for spiders to access your home and yard and ensure conditions aren’t hospitable to them, you can do a lot to mitigate these nuisances. Since spiders go for dark and moist areas, you could, for example, add a dehumidifier to your basement. Another easy way to keep spiders away includes regularly removing webs from your spaces.

Avoid Multiple Spider Extermination Treatments

With spiders, preventative maintenance is less pressing than with pests that cause more health issues, but it should not be ignored. Our technicians are well-versed in the common characteristics that most spider species share, so they know how to identify the areas where you could improve your yard. This will keep the arachnids at bay between treatments.

You can do many things to help mitigate the risk of a spider infestation, but the best option is to use a pest control company to aid in erecting a barrier between your property and these pests.

We work with top-notch partners and products, so you know that our licensed technicians have access to the best chemicals around and know which will be the best for you and your family to ensure they’re safe.

Choose a BuzzShield Service for Spider Pest Control

The best option for residential pest control companies is Buzz Boss. Our solution centers you as a homeowner and outdoor lover looking to defend your home from pests before they infiltrate it.

Our team is finely tuned after 22 years in business, so we know most of the questions you will ask and are always ready to answer them. Get back to enjoying your summer yard, and rest assured that you are pest-free.

Check out our BuzzShield® Insect package, then subscribe for your first service.

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