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BuzzShield® Complete


Create a barrier around your yard and home for year-round protection.

BuzzShield® Insect

BuzzShield® Rodent


Automatic Billing

Monthly billing is automatic – it’s easy and convenient.

No binding contracts or commitments

Pest-Free Results Guaranteed

BuzzShield® Insect


Invisible barrier protects your outdoor space from insects all summer.

Protection from mosquitoes, ticks, ants and spiders

One prepaid annual payment keeps your outdoor space bite free all summer long

Optional Add-on WaspShield®

This proactive system is delivered and installed by your Buzz Boss technician and maintained at each regular visit. The result: Less panic in your picnic.

Bite-Free Results Guaranteed

BuzzShield® Rodent


Keep destructive rodents away from your property.

Four-season defence to keep rodents outside where they belong

Effective on all rodents- including mice, rats and voles

Automatic Billing

Quarterly billing is automatic - no muss no fuss!

No binding contracts or commitments

Squeak-Free Results Guaranteed

You want to enjoy the outside areas of your home and aren’t sure what to do. Buzz Boss is ready to help with pest control services for one of Canada’s top entrepreneurial cities, Red Deer.

With 22 years in business, the team at Buzz Boss knows the best ways to defend your home from insects, rodents, wasps, and other pests. We help you secure your home before pests become a problem.

Whatever the season, our monthly services are the budget-friendly option to keep your home safe.


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Buzz Boss truck in front of a forest

Best Residential Pest Control Services in Red Deer

We have several plans to choose from that you can cancel anytime. Our monthly services are our most popular and work for your needs. Simply select the treatment you’re looking for, and our experts will visit your home. There’s no need to call in and schedule each month.

Get proactive about your pest control with Buzz Boss!

Complete Pest Control

When you choose a BuzzShield Complete package, everything you need to secure your yard is included. This treatment is done monthly on a year-round basis, so you never go without a protective barrier.

Our technicians will apply our BuzzShield Insect, Rodent, and WaspShield services to your outdoor spaces. This non-toxic service is done automatically, so you don’t need to schedule after placing your first order with us.

Insect Pest Control

Red Deer has a host of common insects and crawling pests. Our seasonal and monthly BuzzShield Insect treatment covers all the bases.


While the city of Red Deer treats mosquitoes, that’s no guarantee your yard will be safe from these bloodsucking insects. With 30+ species of winged nuisances in Alberta, it’s important to stay vigilant. There has been an increase in cases of West Nile Virus and other mosquito-transmitted illnesses. It’s essential to mitigate risk by treating preemptively. Buzz Boss can help secure your space.


Keeping ants off your property and out of your home can be a real undertaking, and with 100 species of ants in Red Deer, it’s better to start before they can infiltrate your spaces. Species like the carpenter ant or odorous house ant are common in the city and can wreak havoc if you aren’t careful.

Ants are attracted to places where they can find food and create nests. Homes and yards in the summer are the perfect places for both. The proactive treatments from Buzz Boss make it easy to entertain in your yard again and rest easy that ants can’t get into your home.


In Alberta and Red Deer, there are several spider types. Some more common include several species of jumping spiders and funnel weavers. Most of these spiders are not dangerous to humans, but their webs can be eyesores and cause problems around your yard.

Our BuzzShield Insect service includes treatment against spiders to keep your space clear of webs and other problems connected to spiders.


There are several species of ticks in the area, and most will bite humans but don’t necessarily carry Lyme or other tick-transmitted diseases. One of the top tips for avoiding ticks is to cover up, but during the summer, that can be a real downer in your yard.

But with our BuzzShield service, you can protect yourself and your family from ticks without the messy alternatives or layers of clothing. We treat your yard and create a defensive barrier so you can enjoy your space again.

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Wasp nest removal by Buzz Boss

Wasp Pest Control

The city has seen a jump in the wasp population in recent years. That’s partially because hot, dry conditions make the perfect breeding ground for wasps over the summer. So limiting their ability to get onto your property with preventative maintenance keeps wasps away from your home. You can additionally keep wasps away from your property by disposing of food scraps promptly and not leaving open beverages out in the open.

Our WaspShield service is the best pest control service to treat for wasps before they can build a nest around your home. Our experienced technicians will treat your home monthly, protecting you all summer.

Rodent Pest Control

Alberta is home to a few rodent species, and the brown or Norway rat is the most prevalent in Red Deer. These rodents are well-known to be destructive to property. They also carry diseases and will contaminate food in your home.

To keep rodents off your property, you need to think ahead. That means you treat your yard before rats, mice, or vole attempt to enter your home. With BuzzShield Rodent, you bolster your defences and keep your property safe.

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Emergency Wasp Extermination

Finding a wasp nest on your property is the last thing you want to deal with. But it can happen quickly. When you need an emergency wasp exterminator outside your home, Buzz Boss can help.

Our WaspAttack service follows several steps to get rid of wasps and hornets to ensure they’re off your property for good.

Outdoor Event Pest Extermination

During the warmer months, spending time outside is one of the best parts of being in Alberta. With Red Deer between Calgary and Edmonton, there are many things to do in the area.

You might walk the Kerry Wood Nature Centre or explore Discovery Canyon. There are also events like the Canadian Finals Rodeo that happen in the fall. You might even be intrigued by the regular exhibits at the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery.

But if you’re planning an outdoor event to take advantage of stellar weather, keeping it pest free is essential. But, you may not think about this critical step. Choose our one-time pest control service for your event to save time and money.

Our technicians will treat your property before your event to protect you from mosquitoes, ticks, and other pests. You avoid the hassle of finding a practical solution to keep you and your guests comfortable.

Pest Exclusion Services

Protect your home from unwanted pest guests with comprehensive exclusion services designed to seal off potential entry points, ensuring that all kinds of pests remain outside where they belong.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Surrounded by lush forests, Red Deer is a haven for wildlife, like raccoons, squirrels, and skunks. It can be concerning when these animals encroach upon your property. That’s where we step in. Our humane wildlife trapping and removal services allow you to enjoy your personal haven without any disturbance.

Happy friends having fun together outdoors

One-time event

Outdoor wedding? Garden party? Back yard BBQ? Don’t let mosquitos and ticks ruin everyone’s fun. No event is too big or small.

The process is simple and worry free, and you can rely on us to make your special event extra special by providing you with exceptional service.

Contact our Buzz experts today and we will schedule your treatment at the perfect time to obtain maximum results for your special day. Our fully licensed and trained experts will take care of the rest.

They will flag the surrounding area before the event takes place, letting you and your guests know they are safe from those pesky unwanted visitors.

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Buzz Boss employees receiving training

The Buzz Boss System Difference

A residential pest company is the best option when looking for ways to defend your home from pests. Many pest companies focus their services around properties like restaurants and other commercial buildings or only have services to treat problems once they impact your day-to-day life.

Buzz Boss is different. With 22 years in business, we understand how important it is for homeowners to have an option that focuses on them. Preventative pest control that proactively defends against pests is the best thing you can do. Avoid the heavy costs required to treat the problems and pay for damages to your home or property with one of our quality services.

The BuzzShield systems follow steps that allow our team to thoroughly examine your property and stop pests before they ruin your garden or outdoor entertainment setups.

Our website makes it easy to find your needed service and schedule an appointment. You never have to worry about complicated schedules or waiting for a technician to arrive at your home.

Skip the toxic chemicals and treatments that harm helpful bees and other creatures with our state-of-the-art technology and non-toxic chemicals. We help you keep your family and pets safe and defend your home.

A 100% guarantee ensures that our services meet your expectations and that our service shields your property. If you don’t immediately start seeing results, our professionals return to your property free of charge.

What can you Expect from Our Services?

Buzz Boss is the best in residential pest control. You can expect top-notch services and knowledgeable people ready to help.

Expert Technicians

With years of experience, we hire fully licensed and highly trained technicians. Our team stands by the importance of preventative pest control.

Full Exterior Exam & Inspection

When our technicians come out for a service call, they’ll thoroughly check your yard for pests and note any that seem to have a foothold in your space. Our multi-step examination takes in the whole of your property.

Pest Inventory and Catalogue

During our exam, our technicians will list all the pests they see evidence of so they can share them with you and treat you specifically for what’s already there. This will help them mitigate problems and help you avoid infestations.

Personalized Effective Product Choices

We’ll choose the chemicals that work best for your family based on sensitivities and your requests. These chemicals are also selected based on our findings of your specific yard, so they work for your outdoor spaces.

Site-specific Products with Low Toxicity

Our products are safe for the family, pets, and bees that use your yard. We stick with high-quality chemicals from great companies and target them specifically to your yard’s needs.

100% Guaranteed Results

Part of our commitment to great outdoor pest control is our guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied or don’t see results from our services, we’ll send out a technician for a free service call to diagnose any issues.

Monitoring Plan & Educational Resources

Proactive pest control starts with education. That’s why it’s built into the steps we follow. During our exam of your yard, we’ll note things that could be a problem and share some resources to help you understand how to better keep pests away from your property.

Red Deer Service Areas

We cover many neighbourhoods for emergency pest extermination and pest control in Red Deer. Find us in:

  • Alix
  • Bashaw
  • Bentley
  • Birchcliff
  • Blackfalds
  • Bowden
  • Braseth Beach
  • Clive
  • Eckville
  • Gull Lake
  • Innisfail
  • Lacombe
  • Morningside
  • Norglenwold
  • Olds
  • Pelican View Estates
  • Penhold
  • Pine Lake
  • Ponoka
  • Springbrook
  • Stettler
  • Sunbeaker Cove
  • Sylvan Lake

You’ll find the Red Deer Buzz Boss team at our local office. But please note we do not perform services at this address; our team comes to your home instead. No need for an extra trip!

105 - 6660 Taylor Drive

Red Deer, AB T4P 1Y3

Our team is ready to talk if you have concerns. Simply give us a call!


How Does Buzz Boss Work?

Buzz Boss makes pest control simple with complete packages and add-ons that work for your home.

Choose what works best online, then schedule your appointment. Our technicians will come to you and then return through the season based on your specific program. There are no hidden fees, just a simple credit card payment and automatic appointment.

No more worrying about pest control! We’ve made it easy to set it and keep up your defences automatically.

Why is Pest Control Important Outside Your Home?

Avoiding long-term damage from pests is easy when you act proactively. Treat the problem before pests can set in to save money and time, making your life easier.

Avoid Infestations

Preventative treatments for pest control are essential to avoid infestations. The Buzz Boss system establishes a shield that pests can’t break through. You get your yard back and don’t have to worry about expensive pest exterminators.

Maintain Your Home Longer

Treating your home regularly helps to keep your home and yard just as beautiful as when you first moved in. Our services defend your spaces from damage to the areas you love.

Save Money Long-Term

The lower cost of preventative pest control services means you won’t have to worry about losing money to exterminate pests or repair damage to your home. Our pricing is inclusive, so you’ll never need to wonder what you’re paying for.

Keep Yourself and Your Family Healthy

Because pests like ticks, mosquitoes, and wasps are the norm in Red Deer, you’re regularly at risk of disease or intense allergic reactions. This isn’t something you should ever fear on your property. A proactive system for pest control enables you to side-step any health issues.

What are Red Deer Pest Control Prices?

The average preventative pest control treatment starts between $40-$60, depending on the size of your property. Buzz Boss prices are based on service, only sometimes lawn size, so our packages are a great option.

Defend Your Home with Pest Control in Red Deer

Keep your family safe with a residential pest control service from Buzz Boss. We know yards and work hard to protect your family from unwanted bugs and rodents.

Get started and defend your home today with one of our comprehensive packages.

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