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BuzzShield® Complete


Create a barrier around your yard and home for year-round protection.

BuzzShield® Insect

BuzzShield® Rodent


Automatic Billing

Monthly billing is automatic – it’s easy and convenient.

No binding contracts or commitments

Pest-Free Results Guaranteed

BuzzShield® Insect


Invisible barrier protects your outdoor space from insects all summer.

Protection from mosquitoes, ticks, ants and spiders

One prepaid annual payment keeps your outdoor space bite free all summer long

Add-on WaspShield + $73.49

This proactive system is delivered and installed by your Buzz Boss technician and maintained at each regular visit. The result: Less panic in your picnic.

Bite-Free Results Guaranteed

BuzzShield® Rodent


Keep destructive rodents away from your property.

Four-season defence to keep rodents outside where they belong

Effective on all rodents- including mice, rats and voles

Automatic Billing

Quarterly billing is automatic - no muss no fuss!

No binding contracts or commitments

Squeak-Free Results Guaranteed

Take back your outdoor spaces with Buzz Boss. Our Winnipeg pest control services are the residential solution you’ve been looking for.

Our expert technicians and advanced tech mean you don’t have to worry about insects, rodents, wasps, or other pests in your space. Helping you defend your home and outdoor spaces proactively has been our focus for our 22 years in business.

No matter the season, there’s a monthly BuzzShield treatment to match your needs from our expert technicians.

Best Residential Pest Control Services in Winnipeg

Take advantage of flexible plans that never force you into a contract. All you need to do is choose the monthly service that’s the best fit for you on our site. From there, our experts will come to you for your first service, and then follow up automatically every month.

Finally, pest control is preventative and automatic with Buzz Boss.

buzz boss team at a garden show stand in winnipeg

Complete Pest Control

With the BuzzShield Complete service, you’ll have everything you need to protect your spaces. This year-round treatment is comprehensive and is the best pest control solution for preventative pest control.

Our professional technicians will come out monthly and apply BuzzShield Insect, Rodent, and WaspShield to build a barrier in your yard that keeps invading pests away from your family and the spaces you spend your time. Cut down on waiting for a service call and avoid toxic chemicals with our top-of-the-line solution for pest extermination and control.

Protect your home with top-notch products and quick, easy service.

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Insect Pest Control

Many common pests in Winnipeg are insects. With seasonal or monthly BuzzShield Insect treatment, you get protection from various crawling or winged bugs.


Winnipeg has a large variety of mosquito species (about 39) because conditions in the city are great for their breeding. That means it’s almost impossible to completely exterminate mosquitoes in the city. And while there is a fogging program, that won’t necessarily help you defend your yard. In Manitoba, the mosquito season runs pretty long, with peaks between June and September.

That’s where Buzz Boss’s technicians come in. We’ll identify any problem areas and treat your property to avoid potential diseases and bites from the bloodsuckers. This proactive treatment means avoiding the dreaded “Manitoba mosquito” all summer.


There are several types of Winnipeg ants. This includes species like the pharaoh ant, fire ants that can sting, and carpenter ants that can cause damage to the wood in and around your home.

Treating for ants outside your home ensures that you keep these little crawlers out of your yard and seal them out of your house before they get in. With Buzz Boss, it’s easy to repel any ant species found around Manitoba and Winnipeg.

buzz boss worker spraying a yard


Spiders aren’t insects, but we include them with our BuzzShield Insect treatment since they can become a similar kind of nuisance in the outdoor areas around your home. You can limit their numbers on your property by establishing a defensive circle.

There aren’t many venomous spiders in Winnipeg, so you’re most likely to see a Wolf Spider, Cellar Spider, or even a Trapdoor Spider before you catch sight of a Black Widow (even though they are the most venomous variety in the area.

Choose one of our BuzzShield services to help keep these eight-legged crawlers away from your outdoor furniture and high-traffic areas.


Ticks are an unpleasant reality for most of us. These arachnids typically wait with their forelimbs stretched and jump onto pets and humans. In Winnipeg, the deer tick, known to carry Lyme Disease, is becoming more common.

Our BuzzShield system makes it easier to keep ticks out of your yard and off your family. When our expert technicians treat your property, they’ll help you set up this shield and teach you other ways to help limit any tick bites.

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Wasp Pest Control

In recent seasons, wasps have been more prevalent in Winnipeg. So it’s important to protect your home from these flying pests because if you find them in your yard, their nest is probably there. This is because wasps rarely go further than 400-500 metres from their nests.

With Buzz Boss, you don’t have to worry about wasps on your property. Our WaspAttack service will shield your spaces from wasps ever getting into your furniture or around your home to build a nest or sting one of your family members.

Rodent Pest Control

In Winnipeg, rodents like brown and black rats, house mice, and voles are the most common. These pests can get into your home and destroy your yard, so one of the best things you can do is set up a barrier before becoming a problem.

With our BuzzShield Rodent service, our team combines a visual examination of your property with effective treatment to mitigate the risk of an infestation while ensuring that rodent extermination isn’t already needed around your home.

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Emergency Wasp Extermination

While proactive treatment for wasps and hornets in Winnipeg is essential to creating a safe space around your yard, there’s no way to eliminate these pests. Since they build nests and create colonies around a queen, weather changes can even make it harder to treat them while transitioning through seasons.

So, when you have an emergency, Buzz Boss is ready to help. Our WaspAttack service helps exterminate wasps that have found their way onto your property with a combination of methods, including a decoy nest, to trick these pesky invaders.

Outdoor Event Pest Extermination

There are many events in Winnipeg during the summer and into the fall, but there are also year-round attractions that could inspire your next big event.

You might keep up with the unique activities and shops in The Forks or want to emulate the modern flair of the Exchange District. If planning something more artistic, you could turn your yard into an homage to the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden.

But any way you look at it, you want to enjoy your yard for a multitude of events or smaller gatherings in your yard. This means worrying about keeping your guests safe from annoying and dangerous pests.

Our one-time event treatment keeps you protected from pests like mosquitoes and ticks. We’ll come before your event and treat your property. Now, you won’t have to worry about buzzing or bites and can return to enjoying your company.

Pest Exclusion Services

Prevent unwelcome visitors from intruding on your home with Buzz Boss. Our comprehensive exclusion services are designed to fortify your property against pest infiltration, allowing you to enjoy your living space without interruption.

Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Winnipeg's proximity to rivers and parks makes it an attractive place for wildlife like raccoons, squirrels, and skunks that can cause serious damage when they enter your property. Count on Buzz Boss to address your wildlife removal needs humanely and effectively, safeguarding your home and surroundings.

Happy friends having fun together outdoors

One-time event

Outdoor wedding? Garden party? Back yard BBQ? Don’t let mosquitos and ticks ruin everyone’s fun. No event is too big or small.

The process is simple and worry free, and you can rely on us to make your special event extra special by providing you with exceptional service.

Contact our Buzz experts today and we will schedule your treatment at the perfect time to obtain maximum results for your special day. Our fully licensed and trained experts will take care of the rest.

They will flag the surrounding area before the event takes place, letting you and your guests know they are safe from those pesky unwanted visitors.

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The Buzz Boss System Difference

To protect your home, you need a residential pest company. Many pest companies highlight commercial properties or treat problems after they start. But not Buzz Boss. 22 years ago, we knew that homeowners needed another option.

Action and proactive pest control is the best thing you can do. You’ll be able to sidestep infestations and keep pests away from your yard with help from our licensed technicians. The BuzzShield system follows a three-step program to ensure your service is personalized and your yard is fully examined.

Preventative care prevents you from fearing an expensive treatment after pests wiggle into your spaces. Instead, you already have a protective barrier in place. Use our site for easy scheduling, checkout, and freedom from confusing contracts.

Many companies use chemicals and treatments that could be toxic, but we’ve made sure that our service uses top-of-the-line products that are safe for your children, other family members, and pets. We’ve additionally made sure that our products are safe for bees.

Our 100% guarantee is in place to ensure you get the service you want and the results you need. Don’t see fewer pests immediately? Give us a call, and our technicians will come back out for free.

buzz boss worker standing in front of a truck

What can you Expect from Our Services?

Expert Technicians

Licensed and highly trained, our technicians are pest control experts who understand the importance of preventative maintenance on your property.

With Buzz Boss, take back your yard and repel pests before they can move into your property. You’ll be able to enjoy your yard again.

Complete Exterior Exam & Inspection

The Buzz Boss process commits to a process that includes exploring your property. We’ll closely check the entirety of your outdoor areas. Your treatment plan gets personalized from there.

Pest Inventory and Catalog

There are many pests you could encounter around your home in Winnipeg, and our team has the experience to identify most of them. During your property exam, we’ll catalogue the pests outside your home and share them with you.

Personalized Effective Product Choices

The Buzz Boss difference extends to our products. Each product is chosen for its efficacy and with your yard in mind.

Looking for a natural formula? We have a garlic treatment that’s perfect for your needs.

Site-Specific Products With Low Toxicity

Our treatments are safe for pets and families because we commit to high-quality and low-toxicity options.

100% Guaranteed Results

When you choose Buzz Boss, you choose a 100% guarantee. We help you defend your outdoor spaces, so if you don’t see results immediately, we’ll send out a technician for a free follow-up service call.

Monitoring Plan & Educational Resources

Understanding your yard is essential to a safe outdoor environment. That’s why we combine our treatments with educational resources. You’ll learn ways to continue protecting your home between treatments.

    Winnipeg Service Area

    Our experienced team is ready you help you all over Winnipeg, so find us in these service areas:


    • Headingly
    • Ills De Chane
    • La Salle
    • St Agathe
    • St Adolphe
    • Grande Pointe
    • Oakbluff
    • Niverville
    • Narol
    • St Andrews
    • West St Paul
    • East St Paul
    • Selkirk
    • Oakbank
    • Lorette
    • Dugald
    • Lockport
    • Stony Mountain
    • Stonewall
    • Cartier
    • Springfield

    Winnipeg Beaches

    • Gimli
    • Petersfield
    • Winnipeg Beach
    • Camp Morton
    • Glen Bay - we service the farthest north
    • Sandy Hook
    • Matlock
    • Ponemah Beach
    • Loch Woods

    For pest control in Winnipeg, Buzz Boss has a local office. Our team is 100% local, so we’ve got your back.

    1141 Keewatin Street

    Winnipeg, MB R2X 2Z3

    Please note that our offices are not set up to perform services. We’ll come to you!

    Wondering which of our treatments is the most effective? Want to talk to a real person? We can handle that. Call us, and the team can answer any questions bugging you.


    How Does Buzz Boss Work?

    With the Buzz Boss system, we fortify the outside of your home and shield against pests.

    Evaluate your needs and choose the plan that’s best for you. Once you order on our site, our licensed technician will visit your home and complete a thorough inspection, then treat your home.

    Why is Pest Control Important Outside Your Home?

    We believe in the effectiveness of proactive, preventative pest control. You keep your outdoor spaces safe and avoid long-term damage.

    Avoid Infestations

    Monthly or quarterly pest extermination treatments allow you to maintain a shield around your yard. Regular maintenance of these defences means unwanted pests can’t enter your yard.

    Maintain Your Home Longer

    Your home stays in excellent condition with a system to protect against Winnipeg pests. The preventative services from Buzz Boss focus on maintaining your spaces so pests can’t damage the areas you spend most of your life in.

    Save Money Long-Term

    Regular pest control services are a much smaller cost overall than a full extermination service, not to mention the damage to your home and outdoor areas. Avoid these huge costs by protecting your home with our proven preventative maintenance.

    Keep Yourself and Your Family Healthy

    Many pests, like mosquitoes and ticks, carry diseases. Meanwhile, rodents can ruin food and destroy your family’s health. Choose to protect and defend your family with our proactive treatments and keep health issues away.

    What are Winnipeg Pest Control Prices?

    The cost of pest control in Winnipeg varies with changes to the size of your property and the service needed. Preventative treatments start at around $80 a month.

    Defend Your Home with Pest Control in Winnipeg

    Residential, proactive pest control solutions that defend your home and keep your family safe are our specialty. With Buzz Boss, you get the best pest control in the city.

    Never worry whether you’re protected again.

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