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BuzzShield® Complete & BuzzShield® Rodent features an affordable fixed fee automatically billed to your credit card.

No restrictive contracts. No commitments.

Just a pest-free space for you and your family to enjoy!

It's easiest to break down our home protection strategy by season:

Spring and Summer:

In the spring and summer, our focus is defending and protecting your outdoor space. The weather's warming up, and our priority is making your patio and yard area pest free so you can enjoy your outdoor space. Monthly visits during this time include but are not limited to:

  • BuzzShield® Insect: Mosquito & Tick Control
  • BuzzShield® Insect: Spider & Ant Control
  • BuzzShield® De-Webbing: Exterior Web Removal
  • WaspShield: Decoy & Trap Maintenance

Fall and Winter :

As the seasons begin to change, so do our visits. We begin to transition our visits to focus more on protecting the inside of your home from unwanted intruders. Minimizing in home infestations as pests seek a warm spot to overwinter inside. Visits during this time include but are not limited to:

  • BuzzShield® Insect Spider & Ant Control
  • BuzzShield® Rodent: Bait Station Set Up & Service
  • BuzzShield® De-Webbing: Exterior Web Removal
  • BuzzShield® Exclusion: Elimination of entry points to the home

BuzzBoss® has pest defence down to a science. Based on your package we will visit your home at the perfect time to keep your home bite-free-guaranteed. For example, BuzzShield Complete subscribers will receive 8-10 service visits per year.

Your visits are automatically scheduled and we'll send you an email record of the service after the visit is complete.

As long as your yard has had adequate time to dry after the application of your treatment (approximately 30 minutes), rain should not impact the effectiveness of your service.

However, our Buzz Boss® Guarantee ensures that if you are not completely satisfied with the effectiveness of our services, we will return to your yard to re-treat your property and ensure you are pest-free until your next scheduled service.

Buzz Boss® deeply cares about our bee population.

Our technicians are trained to avoid using products that might harm bees near pollinating flowers and areas where bees are active. We use a natural garlic formula in these areas.

Outdoor services are automatically scheduled and there is no need to be home or meet the technician.

All we ask is that you close any open windows, leave your gate unlocked and keep your pets indoors on the day we schedule your services

Buzz Boss® uses a proprietary combination of both natural products and approved synthetic products.

Everything we use is effective and safe for use around homes, pets, and children.

Yes, for customers who would like an all-natural solution for their mosquito problem, Buzz Boss® can treat your yard using only our 100% natural garlic product. It is a great option especially around environmentally sensitive areas like ponds, vegetable gardens, flowering shrubs and flowers. Please note that spiders and ants are not affected by our garlic products.

Every time we visit your home, our licenced and certified technician will use the Buzz Boss System:


  • Inspection of exterior home and yard area
  • Pest identification and inventory
  • Holistic evaluation of the insect problem
  • Evaluating the pest life cycle and potential damage
  • Custom selection of safe, effective, site-specific control products


  • Treatment of pests at the correct stage in their life cycle
  • Can include liquid or granular application, trapping, baiting, & physical exclusion
  • We will always select the most effective and least toxic products possible
  • Elimination of the infestation & prevention of further damage
  • 100% guaranteed results


  • Implementation of monitoring plan to detect & prevent future infestations
  • Customer education to promote good cultural practices to reduce the likelihood of future infestations
  • Automatically schedule the follow up service

For details on your specific event that has been scheduled and any special requirements for that visit please check out our Service Detail Page

Our treatments will take an average of 10 minutes to complete.

Effects from each visit will be noticed immediately and last for up to 4 weeks- depending on environmental & weather conditions.

Our Buzz Boss® System is run by highly skilled licensed technicians who use professional grade equipment to solve pest problems.

What makes us different is that our Buzz Boss® technicians are experts in residential services–not warehouses and restaurants.

We use high end commercial grade supplies from great companies like FMC, B&G Sprayers, and Bell Labs. When we visit your home, we'll use liquid application, baiting, trapping, and physical exclusion methods to keep pests away.

Any Buzz Boss® program means that we will automatically schedule visits to your property as often as needed throughout the year to ensure ongoing protection and prevention.

100% satisfaction guaranteed and service calls are always free!

Super simple.

Every Buzz Boss program comes with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and service calls are always free.

If & When you need us, we'll be there- to keep those pesky pests at bay!