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Seeing a spider isn’t the problem, it’s when it disappears!

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Spiders are an important part of your yard because they can eat up to 10% of their body weight per day. This comes to a whopping 400 – 800 million tons of insects a year.

This means they are helping to keep populations of flies, mosquitoes, cockroaches and other pesky bugs away. They also tend to make a mess on homes with their webs and can give you a fright if they make an unexpected appearance close to you. Buzz Boss takes the approach of distracting spiders by getting rid of their food.

Keep the Bugs Away!

Good housekeeping is key to keeping bugs (spider food) out of your home.

Frequent cleaning, storing food and litter properly, and reducing moisture will help to keep spiders' food away.

A spider in a mans hand


Whenever possible move lighting away from the structure or turn them off when not needed.

Use LED lights which have been shown to be less attractive to insects. Lights in the yellow or red spectrum are also more difficult for insects to see.


Spiders don’t like having to constantly rebuild webs. When webs are exposed to airflow around your home it can disturb webs and cause spiders to move on. Trimming vegetation and tree branches at least 6 inches from homes will help to encourage airflow and discourage spiders from building webs.

Brushing away webs with a broom or stiff-bristled brush will help to decrease spiders around your house.

Hire a Pro!

Hiring a professional to create a perimeter barrier around your home will help to keep insects to an absolute minimum, which in turn keeps spiders away.

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