What to Expect During Your Buzz Boss Ant Control Service
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What to Expect During Your Buzz Boss Ant Control Service

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Partnering with a pest control company to banish pests from your property is a great way to defend your yard and home. However, each company follows different processes and uses different treatments to ensure your spaces are protected year-round.

Buzz Boss is no exception. To better prepare you for your first ant control services with us, we’ve put together a handy guide that explains each step of our process and how we’ve put together our proven applications with the help of our licensed professionals.

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Preparing for Your First Ant Control Service Appointment

When you begin a relationship with any provider of ant control, there are a few things you’ll want to make sure you know. There are best practices for preparing your property for pest control experts and steps that most professionals will follow.

At Buzz Boss, we recommend that you:

  • Ensure we have access to your property
  • Are on the property if you have questions for your pest professional
  • Leave your spaces orderly and easy to inspect
  • Detail any problems before we arrive so we have a clear understanding of any potential infestations

This helps us get around and identify infestations quickly.

Now Let’s Talk Pests – Ant Facts You Should Know

In Canada alone, there are over a hundred species of ants. They may be black, brown, red, or yellow—as tiny as 1 mm to ½ an inch!

Should you be overly concerned if you’re facing an ant infestation in your yard?

Most ants in Canada don’t sting, nor do they cause any major harm. That being said, there are some species that can invade your yard and, ultimately, your peace of mind.

These may be carpenter ants, pavement ants, fire ants, odorous house ants, little black ants, thief ants, and pharaoh ants.

Carpenter ants destroy wood and nest in its crannies. This can cause real structural damage to your property. If you see sawdust around your space, there’s a chance that these insects have found their new home.

Yard Inspections

Now that you know a little bit about ants, you’ll know what our pest control experts will look for during a property inspection. In order to evaluate the extent of the infestation, you need a trained eye.

Ants travel alone and in foraging trails. They make large complex nests underground. We can identify this underground gallery when you typically see mounds of earth or soil. What most people don’t realize is that while a lot of the time, it’s made of soil and sand, an ant hill can also be made of pebbles, leaves, and twigs.

Our team comprises local and experienced professionals who understand individual ant behaviour and that of their colonies.

We know where ants are likely to hide and how they create their nests. After a complete yard inspection, we are in a position to accurately determine a personalized treatment to get rid of the ants from your yard.

Ant Infestation
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Developing A Customized Plan of Action

There are certain factors we factor in before developing a strategy for the permanent eradication of ants from your yard:

  • The focus is to use a combination of chemical and non-chemical compounds to prevent new colonies from emerging in the future.
  • We eliminate the nests and block off all openings around your house
  • Life-cycle appropriate treatment for effective elimination
  • Custom selection of safe, effective, site-specific control products

These treatment techniques may include some or a combination of liquid or granular application, baiting, and physical exclusion.

Our BuzzShield® Insect offers an invisible barrier that protects your outdoor space from mosquitos, ticks, ants, and spiders all season long. You can book it right here.

Regular Check-ins, Post Treatment

Our partnership doesn’t end with the treatment. Here’s what we do to make sure your yard is free of pests and you’re 100% happy with the results:

  • We automatically schedule a follow-up service. Keep in mind that a severe infestation may mean multiple treatments spread out. So prepare yourself for more visits if that’s the case.
  • Put into action a proactive plan to detect future infestations
  • Provide you with a guide on keeping your lawn safe from ants

And we’re always available on call for additional information should you need any.

Call in The Ant Control Experts!

We’ve been in the business for 22 years now and boast a team of trained, experienced, and certified professionals who are there to guide you every step of the way through the process.
You can count on us for full transparency and quick service. Call us now at 1-844-744-2899 or fill out this form to schedule your appointment today.

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