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7 Pest Proofing Methods For Your Home This Spring

Reading time: 4 minutes

As the winter chill makes way for the warmth of spring, it also signals the return of unavoidable intruders – pests! To ensure you can fully enjoy the beauty of blooming flowers, we've put together a go-to guide for top-notch pest control.

Take note of these crucial tips and enjoy spring without these unwanted visitors. With these simple measures, you can savour the season and maintain your home as a pest-free sanctuary.

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1. Know Your Enemy

Before you roll up your sleeves to tackle a pest problem, know what you’re up against. While certain pests remain active throughout the year, spring is the prime season for mating.

As the warm weather arrives, ants embark on a quest for food; stagnant water becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes; spiders make their presence known, and various bugs regain momentum. Some pests to keep an eye out for include ants, mosquitoes, rodents, fleas, bed bugs, ticks, wasps, and spiders.

2. Look For the Clues

Now that you're acquainted with potential invaders inspect your property for signs of pest activity. You’re looking for telltale signs such as droppings, chew marks, wood damage, mud tubes, bubbling, lingering odours, fabric damage, cardboard holes, or eggs and larvae in various locations.

Keep in mind these signs might indicate one or more types of infestations. These findings will set the course for your home's necessary pest control measures.

3. Exterior Inspection - Check the Roof, Walls and Doors

As storms and snow take a toll, your property can endure some damage. This creates corners where pests can easily make a home within your home. Cracks, chipped panes, holes, leaks, roof damage, or any loose open spaces can serve as entry points for pests or cozy spots for them to stay.

Upon closer inspection, you might be surprised at the numerous spots pests can find! Damp wood, debris, melted snow, dead leaves, and overgrowth can contribute to multiple potential pest spots.

Damp Leaves Pests
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4. Good Hygiene Check - Clean Cans and Clean Water

Pest control is only effective once the problem areas or breeding ground is controlled; more like nipping the evil in the bud. The two most common areas to keep in mind are trash cans and standing water.

Your trash cans and compost bins tend to attract pests ranging from small insects to raccoons. To keep them out, the solution is simple: keep the can clean and under a tight seal. Any residue buildup, cracks or opening can cause an unpleasant odour and turn the can into a hotspot for flies and other pests.

Similarly, if left unchecked, standing water in pots, pools, ponds, cans, fountains or bird baths can quickly turn into breeding grounds for mosquitoes. The solution again is prevention through cleanliness and regular checks.

5. Looking on the inside - self-reflection with the interior

Fixing the exterior is just half the battle in keeping pests at bay. Let's turn our attention to the interior to fully pest-proof your space. Begin by inspecting and identifying potential hotspots within the house.

The basement and attic are great places to start—those extra storage havens where we stow away extra furniture, decorations, and even things we've forgotten about. Unfortunately, these neglected spaces often become cluttered, collecting dust and dampness, creating an ideal environment for pests.

You'll tackle potential pest problems at the source by taking charge of these overlooked areas. De-clutter, organize and seal entry points to make your home less inviting to unwanted guests.

6. Monitor Moisture, Food and Wastage - Control the Pest Magnets

Pest control encompasses more than you think, often boiling down to consistent and effective cleaning.

Let's delve deeper. Pests are attracted to food, warmth, water, and shelter. Common food sources around the house include storage containers, refrigerators, dirty dishes, garbage cans, and pet food bowls. Spills, leftovers, accidental drippings during cooking, and prolonged storage of uncovered items can attract or facilitate infestations.

Taking small steps like cleaning spills immediately, keeping trash outdoors, daily sweeping, and ensuring food waste is well-covered can be a stress-free way to approach spring cleaning.

Moreover, spring brings warmth and increases moisture and dampness from snowmelt or leakages. Since pests thrive in humid conditions, keep an eye on clogged gutters. Fix leaking pipes.

Food Waste Pests
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7. Seek Professional Help - You Might Need a Superhero After All!

Pest control is a task that demands precision and in-depth knowledge. While we've provided a comprehensive guide to help you pest-proof your home, ensuring long-term protection can be challenging.

This can be overwhelming; we get it. If you’re facing a serious infestation, don't wait too long. Reach out to a professional. By choosing a reputable pest control service company, you’re opting for a team prioritizing effectiveness and lasting solutions.

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