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Pest Proofing Your Home For Spring

Reading time: 3 minutes

Spring is in the air finally, but that also means that pests are in the air too! While you tackle your list for spring cleaning, we have some items to add to it to keep your home secure and pest-free for the start of the warmer seasons. Keep pests out of your home while the weather warms up by following this easy guide to pest-proofing your home this spring.

Windows & Screens

Window screens for protection against insects

Screens are an important defence tool against pests. Not to mention that being able to allow fresh air to circulate into your home without critters getting in is good for your health and well-being! Make sure to take the time to inspect your screens and replace any that have holes, rips, or tears in them. Don’t forget about the rest of the window & screen doors! Inspect and replace any damaged weather stripping where pests could gain access into the home.

Yard Work

Tree trimming in spring

You need to show your yard a bit of love to help pest-proof it for the upcoming season! Leftover debris and mulch that was helpful to your lawn in the fall is now an inviting space for pests to rest.

Be sure to remove yard waste like dead leaves, fallen branches and damp wood as these are inviting spaces for pests. Be sure to clean gutters of debris as water can start to pool. Ensure that your downspout is directing the flow of water away from your house.

If you have a birdbath, make sure to dump the standing water regularly to minimize the risk of mosquitoes breeding in it. If you have a rain barrel get a screen to keep mosquitoes out of it. Prune trees and shrubs away from home as well as remove any rotting wood from the yard.

Food Areas

Yellow Broom Sweeping Tiles

Food is one of the biggest motivators for pests to take residence in your home. Be sure to clean up spills right when they happen. Daily sweeping in food areas to catch crumbs from becoming a pest's dinner. Now it’s time to do some spring cleaning in the kitchen!

Pull out appliances, vacuum and clean underneath them to eliminate crumbs and sticky residue. Wipe clean and dry pantry cupboards and shelving to remove the buildup of crumbs and residues. Make sure to toss any cereal, spices, flour, grains or lentils that have become stale. Ensure that your garbage has a tight-fitting lid on it.

Declutter Your Home

Plastic Storage Containers

is finally over, and springtime is the perfect time to declutter your home! Review storage solutions in the basement and garage. Eliminate cardboard boxes whenever possible and opt for plastic storage bins with airtight lids instead. Be sure to recycle old magazines, newspapers and unimportant files. Removing extra clutter & junk from your basement and garage drastically reduces the spaces that pests can call home.

These tips will ensure that you spring into the new season without inviting unwanted guests into your home! Even with all the best measures in place sometimes pests are still a problem.

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