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Red Cross Update 2022

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Buzz Boss is committed to helping eradicate mosquito-borne diseases and we continue to support the Red Cross with all their efforts to do so!

In Canada, we are lucky that mosquitoes are mostly just annoying pests, but in developing countries like Africa, Asia & Central America, children & pregnant/nursing mothers have high mortality rates due to diseases like malaria. We wanted to bite back against mosquito-borne diseases in these developing countries and our partnership with Red Cross has been the right tool to do so!

Buzz Boss has partnered with Red Cross since our inception and continues to support this amazing organization. Each year we donate $2.00 for every new BuzzShield® Complete sale. All those donations have added up to thousands of dollars supporting a worthy cause.

Cheque Ceremony Buzz Boss Red Cross 2022
To date, we have donated $15,694

Those dollars will go towards the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Program. This program offers health education, health supplies, curative care and mobile health clinics to countries that need it most. This includes providing medical equipment, life-saving drugs, health responders, bed nets, clean water and nutrition to people who otherwise would not have access to these. It is a wonderful campaign to be a part of and it’s already doing so much good!

From Red Cross’ website:

In the past decade alone, our Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH) programs have reached more than 13 million direct beneficiaries in 24 countries across the Americas, Africa and Asia.

In partnership with ministries of health and our Red Cross and Red Crescent partners, we deliver proven, inexpensive interventions to some of the world’s most rural and remote areas, interventions that strengthen communities, strengthen health systems and save lives.

Thank you for supporting Red Cross through your Buzz Boss subscription, we can’t wait for next year's report!

To read more about the Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Program visit the Red Cross’ website here: Red Cross MNCH Program

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