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Help Keep Mosquitoes Away and Enjoy a Beautiful Day

It’s a beautiful day outside and you’re all ready to step outside when you notice a swarm of mosquitoes just waiting for you. Whether you are at home or at your cottage, camping or out for a walk in your yard, mosquitoes are not part of the guest list. But just how do you keep mosquitoes away?

We’ve developed an easy checklist for you and your family to help keep your yard clear of any areas that might cause you issues so you can stay safe, enjoy a beautiful day and keep the mosquitoes away:

  • Cut down all tall grass in your yard and surrounding perimeters or nearby areas
  • Keep grass under 3” in length to avoid hospitable habitats
  • Look for and remove any still standing water areas, this is where they will reproduce and grow
  • Kids pools and toys are ideal spots for standing water, so be sure to empty after use and turn over pools and buckets to avoid rainwater collection and build-up
  • Change the water in Bird feeders and wading pools regularly
  • Empty yard and garden containers, turn over any unused pots

Remove any piles of leaves, refuse, or garbage – these are ideal breeding grounds

Eavestroughs needs to be cleaned and kept clear of debris, not only will this save yourself from water build up and damage, it can be a very effective mosquito breeding factory

Puddles or low points in the yard that frequently fill with rainwater can be just as appealing for mosquito larvae, keep an eye out for spots that frequently fill up with water and remove the issue

Trim hedges and keep bushes from getting overgrown Proper selection of the chemicals used to control and destroy mosquitoes need to be carefully considered and selected. Application of the chemicals needs to be done in a safe manner, using all recommended safety and breathing equipment. Ensure that you read the labels carefully and take the extra time to get familiar with the product and all equipment being used.

Our technicians are experts in application, they have the training, certificates and schooling needed to safely and effectively apply products while taking the time and care to ensure that your pets and yard are safe. Ensure that you are aware of all the sensitive areas in your yard when spraying, such as areas like flower beds and other potential bee habitats.

Keeping your yard safe and clear of mosquitoes is an ongoing and can be an intimidating process, however, our experts are here to help – if you find yourself needing a pest-free yard, then give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!