Pests Controlled


Canadian Mosquito species are tough and resilient. Mosquito larvae can grow in as little as three days in standing water and adults are able to lay hundreds of eggs each season. When the female bites (and it's always a female!) she injects saliva into your skin—which causes the irritation. Remember, mosquitoes usually don't fly large distances. The mosquito that grows up on your property is most likely to bite you. Buzz Boss will identify problem areas on your property, and help you eliminate the spots they love to hide.



Ticks are small arachnids that feed on blood and are known disease carriers and transmitters. Humans and animals are both at risk for bites. Ticks are implicated in the transmission of a number of infections caused by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoa. Ticks hide in plants, tall grasses and other outdoor traffic areas.



Ants can easily become a problem to your home and yard, plus many species are aggressive and can bite. Buzz Boss will build a barrier around your home and treat for nuisance colonies.



Spiders are beneficial outdoors as they control other insect pests, however their webs can leave an unsightly mess. Most spider species are not harmful to humans, although some will bite if disturbed. Our BuzzShield® Insect program will create a protective perimeter around your home to keep them outside where they belong.



There are many different species of wasps & hornets and some are considered beneficial as they pollinate and feed on other pests. Wasps can be aggressive when disturbed or when competing with humans for food. They will often nest in areas that bring them into conflict with people, in these cases it is sometimes necessary to control populations and remove the nest. We offer two unique programs to mitigate wasp and hornet activity. WaspShield™ is a proactive prevention program using traps and decoy nests. BuzzAttack is our professional nest removal service.



Discovering a mouse, rat or vole infestation can be alarming and is a health hazard. You can count on Buzz Boss to get them out! Our BuzzAttack™ Rodent service uses an aggressive, straightforward and effective process to eliminate rodent pests and give you back your space.