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Support the Red Cross

Our vision for the company Buzz Boss is to be able to empower people to enjoy their yards during mosquito season.

We know parents can now rest easy knowing that their kids and pets playing outside would be free of being bitten by any potential disease-carrying mosquitoes.

We give people the power over a pest that ruins a lot of social events and using safe and natural products to do it.

We have done a lot of research into mosquitoes and what we found was both shocking and disturbing. We learned that mosquitoes kill more people than any other animal every year, and that by far the biggest killers are the mosquitoes spreading the malaria virus. We learned that in 2015, there were 214 million cases of malaria worldwide. What is most distressing about this statistic this is that Malaria is preventable, yet this disease is responsible for over one million deaths every year, 90% of which occur in Africa.

The majority of people severely affected by malaria are children and pregnant women. We learned that Malaria in pregnant women is a cause of stillbirths, infant mortality, abortion and low birth weight. Also, malaria causes severe respiratory distress in up to 40% of children who are infected.

So we decided that Buzz Boss should partner with the Red Cross in the hopes that we could make a difference. After researching multiple nonprofit organizations that are making an impact in the fight against Malaria we choose the Red Cross because their comprehensive program to protect mothers and children in multiple countries that are most affected by this disease. Our independent research showed us that the program the Red Cross was using in providing Long Lasting Insecticide Treated Nets (LLINs) to pregnant women and children under five would make a drastic difference in protecting those most affected.

Red Cross volunteers provide and encourage families to use bed nets and educate them on proper usage. We realized that by simply donating two dollars from every Buzz Boss sale that we could be a big part of that difference. For us one of the most exciting parts of that was the fact that our customers would become a part of that difference as well.

Every time a customer purchases a program to protect their yard, we are able to make a contribution to malaria prevention that will literally save lives.

Today we live in a global community and we want to play a role in making that community just a little bit better. Buzz Boss is grateful both to the Red Cross and to our clients for helping us bite back against mosquitoes!