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The Buzz Boss™ System

All of our programs use the Buzz Boss™ System. It's a holistic approach to dealing with pests in a responsible and environmentally conscious way.

Buzz Boss™ programs offer unprecedented control of insect pests. We have two secrets. The first is our professional, knowledgeable, and tenacious Buzz Boss™ technicians. The second is our unique systematic approach to residential insect problems:


  • Pest identification and inventory
  • Holistic evaluation of the insect problem
  • Understanding and explaining the pest life cycle and potential damage
  • Custom selection of safe, effective, site specific control products


  • Treatment of pests at the correct stage in their life cycle
  • Treatment using the most effective and environmentally friendly methods
  • Elimination of the infestation and prevention of further damage
  • 100% guaranteed results


  • Scheduling of follow-up service
  • Implementation of monitoring plan to detect and prevent future infestations
  • Customer education to promote good cultural practices to reduce the likelihood of future infestations

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Safe for pets and families
Bee-friendly application
100% Guaranteed!

Our 100% guarantee

We back our service up with the Buzz Boss™ 100% guarantee. If for any reason you still have pests, unlimited service calls are free.

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