Winter Pest Prevention Tips

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Winter is here, so the pests are gone, right? Not exactly. Pests can still cause problems in the cold months as they seek warm shelter to survive the harsh conditions outside. Unfortunately, your cozy home is a great candidate for a pest looking for shelter and food, but there are actions you can take to prevent & deter pests from settling in.



Firewood is like a luxury hotel for pests - it's pretty much a log cabin constructed for them to stay warm during the winter. There are a few things you can do to deter them from setting up their home in your firewood. Firewood should be elevated at least 18 inches off the ground and moved away from home and shed walls to lower the chances of pests infesting your woodpile.

Storing Food

Food In Storage Containers

Keep counters clear of food and residue, don't leave food or dirty dishes out and always clean spills right when they happen. Moving pantry items from cardboard boxes to airtight containers and ensuring leftovers are always sealed and properly put away are small housekeeping items that make a substantial difference in deterring pests from your home.

Seal It Up

Person Caulking Window

If you have any small holes, gaps, or openings around your home you can guarantee pests will take that opportunity to invite themselves in. Heat leaks are like a magnet for pests looking for places to survive the harsh cold - so seal them up. Use calking, steel wool, wire mesh or a combination of them all to ensure that even the smallest holes and gaps are dealt with.

Trash & Compost Bins

Black Garbage Can Lids

One person's trash is another pest's treasure! To stop pests from diving into your garbage cans make sure that both your indoor & outdoor bins have lids that fit snuggly and securely on top. Don't forget to inspect the bin for holes or other entrances that pests could gain access to. If you are doing your part to help the environment by composting, it's important that the bin is raised at least a foot off the ground and is ideally 100ft away from home.

Un-Cozy It

Pile Of Cardboard Boxes

Pests like mice and rats are always looking for a cozy place to nest so make sure to remove potential nesting sites in unused clutter around your garage and house. Store soft materials like blankets or seasonal clothing in plastic storage containers with airtight lids. Try to stay away from cardboard boxes as long-term storage solutions as pests can easily penetrate these and set up their homes in them.

Inspect For Pests

Cardboard Boxes Outside Green Storage Facility

When you bring in outdoor decorations, grab something from a storage locker or bring something in from the garage/shed be sure to do a thorough inspection to check for pests before you bring it into your home. Sometimes pests will hitch a ride in on a box left in the garage and once they are in your home it becomes a much bigger deal!

Always shake bags out and inspect boxes for pests before bringing them inside. Use airtight containers as often as possible to mitigate the risk of pests stowing away inside your storage items.

As much as the pests may try, these tips will help you make sure that they never succeed in making your home their home. Good housekeeping is crucial in pest prevention but sometimes even that isn't enough.

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