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Mosquitoes Repelled, Naturally

Keeping clear of mosquitoes can turn into a full-time effort. Carrying such a risk to your own families health, including the family pets, these pesky little vampires can leave a lot more behind than just an annoying itch. With the limits of time and expertise in the bug battling area, homeowners are often left scooping up citronella at the supermarket and dousing themselves in the latest spray. It's not ideal, and in most cases not effective.

Fortunately for home owners, our own BuzzShield™ provides natural protection for your yard, keeping those annoying mosquitoes away the whole season. Our BuzzShield™ formula is available as an all natural, garlic juice-based barrier. This super garlic juice isn't your typical over the counter garlic from the store – it’s a concentrated blend specifically designed to repel mosquitoes.

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Once the delicious smell of garlic wears off to human senses, which generally takes about an hour, the mosquitoes are left with an odor that disgusts and repels them. With about 10,000 times better sense of smell over humans, even mosquitoes breeding over in the neighbour’s yard will be sure to stay away from the potent-to-them odor. As with the myth of Vampires, these little blood suckers actually are repelled by garlic.

Although the barrier works great, it is something that needs to be reapplied at regular intervals The BuzzShield™ Mosquito control system is a program that will keep your yard mosquito free all year round so you and your family can focus on enjoying your outdoor space this season.