Buzz Attack


Wasps, hornets, cluster flies, and other flying insects can be a literal pain. Not only are they a great way to ruin an outside party, wasps and hornets can cause serious allergic reactions, not a nice thought when you want to spend some time outside.

If you've discovered a wasp nest the best thing to do is leave it to a professional.

Buzz Boss provides emergency service to alleviate your buzzing concerns and will take back your yard from the flying fury of hornets and wasps.

Cluster flies are a common nuisance, and although they don't bite, they will cause much aggravation. Dinner parties can be disastrous when an uninvited fly shows up in the food – don't let it happen to you.

Buzz Boss will treat the areas outside to alleviate the cluster fly population this fall.

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  • Starting at $150
  • 100% Guaranteed results

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We back our service up with the Buzz Boss™ 100% guarantee. If for any reason you still have pests, unlimited service calls are free.

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