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The Buzz Boss™ System

All of our programs use the Buzz Boss™ System. It's a holistic approach to dealing with pests in a responsible and environmentally conscious way.

Buzz Boss™ programs offer unprecedented control of insect pests. We have two secrets. The first is our professional, knowledgeable, and tenacious Buzz Boss™ technicians. The second is our unique systematic approach to residential insect problems:


  • Pest identification and inventory
  • Holistic evaluation of the insect problem
  • Understanding and explaining the pest life cycle and potential damage
  • Custom selection of safe, effective, site specific control products


  • Treatment of pests at the correct stage in their life cycle
  • Treatment using the most effective and environmentally friendly methods
  • Elimination of the infestation and prevention of further damage
  • 100% guaranteed results


  • Scheduling of follow-up service
  • Implementation of monitoring plan to detect and prevent future infestations
  • Customer education to promote good cultural practices to reduce the likelihood of future infestations

Our Packages

BuzzShield™ Air & Ground

Get full coverage with BuzzShield™ Air and BuzzShield™ Ground. This unbeatable combo of services uses a holistic approach to dealing with pests so you can enjoy your yard completely pest-free.

$299.00 Sign Up Now Same-day Guarantee

BuzzShield™ Air

Complete mosquito and tick control all summer for your home or business.
$219.00 Sign Up Now Same-day Guarantee

BuzzShield™ Ground

Keep ants, spiders, and other crawling insects away all season.
$279.00 Sign Up Now Same-day Guarantee

Package Addons

Wasp Shield

Add wasp traps and a decoy nest to keep wasps away. Add three wasp traps and a decoy nest delivered and installed by your Buzz Boss technician. Traps catch wasps, hornets, and yellowjackets and deters them from nesting in your yard. Keep wasps away this season with Buzz Boss.

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Buzz to Go

Don't let mosquitoes hinder your event, weekend getaway or day at the beach. Take the power of Buzz Boss with you on the go, with 2 cans of Deep Woods Off delivered right to your doorstep during our next visit.

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One-Time Services

Buzz Attack

One-time service for wasp and hornet nests.

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Special Event

Don't let mosquitoes hinder your event. Keep blood suckers away for your special day.

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Safe for pets and families
Bee-friendly application
100% Guaranteed!

Our 100% guarantee

We back our service up with the Buzz Boss™ 100% guarantee. If for any reason you still have pests, unlimited service calls are free.

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